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 Sungee Heijneman

Hi, my name is Sungee Heijneman.

I was born in The Netherlands about half a century ago. I have always been looking for truth, and ways to empower and heal myself and others, to deprogram from all the lies and limiting beliefs and reprogram towards living a healthy life full of meaning and joy.
I have found that ones vibrational state of being is of great importance in life.
If you live in anxiety and fear you will attract more of it in your life.
And it will keep you in a dumbed down state of fight or flight.
If you live with love and joy then these higher vibrations will attract more of the same.
And you can live in a state of flow where you have access to your intuition and full potential, you just know things and life is easy.
I love sharing the good and important things I have found on my journey..

I have picked up a few good things on my way, and studied many modalities; I graduaded as Advanced Soma Breath Instructor, Rapid Transformational Therapist, RTT Hypnotherapist, The Work of Byron Katie, Reiki III, Quantum Touch and hold a Permaculture PDC . Ongoing, I am always learning more: Yoga, Tantra, NLP, Astrology, Nummerology, Plant Medicine, Healthy Diet / Natural Hygiene, Herbs and Power-foods and I have travelled extensively.

I have lived in The Netherlands, Hawaii, New Zealand and am currently in Kuranda, the tropical Far North of Queensland Australia.
I am a keen permaculture gardener, have a plant-based diet with lots of fruit, and started practising Yoga and Meditation 30 years ago.
Qigong more recently and Pranayama / Breathwork since 2019, and daily cold exposure (ice bath).

I love to share my practise and Soma Breath in particular with people as its having such a deep effect on me and on everyone I share it with.

I am excited to now be in the phase of my life to be of service, empowering others.
As a Soma Breathwork Instructor as well as Rapid Transformational Therapist - RTT Hypno Therapist, I have an amazing set of powerful tools to help people rapidly rid themselves of the unwanted and start living the life they desire.
I would love to see if we can work together to help you raise your vibration and create the life of your dreams!


I hope you will say hello and lets have a chat to see how I can help you!



stats2Wow are you still reading ? Thanks for making it this far into this write-up..

I have never really written about myself much and it feels strange to do so.. but i do realise that anyone looking into working with a therapist / breath work instructor would probably want to know a bit about who they are going to spend their time with...

So I have thought about what else would be interesting for you to know about me..

There's heaps of people out there that did a 20 or 30 hour Yoga training and that’s great, what I find interesting though, is what kind of daily practise does one have? How many years and hours did one actually get real life experience ?
So I will share here a bit about my own journey.

I started with Yoga when I was 20 in Amsterdam, thank you Edward Tio ! For inspiring me to come do Hatha Yoga classes with you. (De Tao van Tio).
I loved it right from the start and remember how stiff I was. I improved my posture and overal health and flexibility a lot and Yoga became part of life. Edward would sometimes do some Pranayama with us and I always especially loved those classes.
Yoga was off and on those first few years, as I was always easily distracted, but I always came back to it. And now I cannot imagine a life without a Yoga practise. I can still hear Ed's instructions echoing ☺ 

Since a few years I have been implementing Qigong / Tai Chi in my practise as well. Its amazing how well the three blend together, Breath-work, Yoga and Qigong. Learning about Chi, or life force is a very welcome addition as it 
adds a new perspective and I love the practise.

As for Meditation, I was always restless when sitting down to meditate. So it was only much later in life that I sank into that practise fully.
I was living in New Zealand and things really started to take form once I downloaded the App 'Insight Timer'. 

Interesting huh, that it was an App that really got me going with meditation. It was statsmostly a timer at the time, with beautiful Tibetan bell sounds and could be configured, say, 'to meditate for 10 minutes' with every minute a bell sound and then 3 bells at the end, or something like that. Also had a 'daily reminder to meditate' option that I used. This made all the difference for me. I remember in the beginning 5 minutes was long !  I would be looking up at the timer after 3 minutes thinking 'I must be close'... and then over time, as I stuck to it, I eased into it more and more, and started to love these sacred moments of going inside and becoming still and it became one of my favorite things to do.

The App also developed further and got options for guided meditations that helped me. It can track your progress over time which is a nice feature. I still use the App, and fully recommend it. Here are some screenshots (of 29 April 22), you can see how my practise is going to the moon over time :) 

Having an App like this can really make the difference in the beginning to help you sit every day. It makes it more fun and can help you create your meditation ritual.

Also, there is a large library of guided meditations, some of which are really good. There's music, groups that you can join, you can befriend others and communitcate with them, it’s good fun. And most of it is free!

Of course if I would have known what I know now, I would have started with breath work! After all those years of meditation, once I started breathwork, it was a quantum leap into deep meditation that is uncomparable with what I was experiencing before...

I started with Wim Hof breathing technique. I love Wim, fellow crazy Dutchie.stats3 If you have not looked into him yet, please do, Wim is super interesting and also known as 'The Ice Man'. He has been doing the impossible or pushing the boundaries of the possible, like climbing the Mount Everest with just a pair of short as clothing and sitting a long time in ice water but keeping his core temperature constant using his mind and breath alone. Scientific studies have been done showing how Wim Hof is able to control the autonomous nervous system and so influence body temperature and heart beat.

Wim Hof - The Ice Man Wim's mission is to teach that everyone can do this. The way he does his breathing techniques is slightly different from Soma. I am still often doing the Power Breath technique that is very powerful for creating energy and getting things moving in the body. It also especially strengthens the core, diaphragm and lungs. 

I started to use the techniques together with the hypnotherapy techniques of RTT as I found it a perfect way to induce trance and get into deep states. I started experimenting with adding music in my recordings for clients and it was well received. I started experimenting with sound and music, binaural beats and monochromatic tones etc and creating a true journey of sorts, very exciting stuff.

Once I discovered the people of Soma it did not take me long to decide to do the instructor training and wo - man, did that take things to the next level! Niraj and crew have worked out a process that truely is next vibrational level ! And growing ..

More soon..


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