Soma Breath Journeys

The Journey taking you back Home

Soma Breath Journeys in Kuranda QLD

Soma Breath Journeys

Once in a while we will offer a Breathwork Journey either in Kuranda town or Cairns or Port Douglas..
These are aimed at people that don’t want to commit to weekly classes, but do want to experience the magic, bliss and healing that comes with this work.

Occasionally we go into town and spontaniously invite people for a Breathwork Journey during daytime hours..
These are aimed at day tourists coming to Kuranda to 'have a good time' and instead 'have the best time ever'..

Shopping the Kuranda markets is great of course - suddenly something greater presents itself for those that can recognise it..

"I never saw it coming and it changed the course of my life forever"

If you were lucky enough to have been invited and are now pondering, reading into more info on this web page,  let me ask you... 
   -    What have you got to lose ?   -
Just feel into your heart for a moment...  is that excitement you feel ?  is that a yes ?  YES !!!
If you made it this far in, this is for you !  One hour of your life could become an experience with far reaching implications..

If you are doing the same old thing - you will be getting the same old results..

Come try something new and breathe more magic into your life !

Breath is a key - come and experience the power of your breath. This will be an empowering experience.
You will learn something you can use for the rest of your life. Most people report feeling deeply touched and highly inspired.
Feeling a level of relaxation not experienced before and feeling lighter, with renewed zest for life and with clearer vision for the future.
You will be raising your vibrational frequency and feel really good, relaxed and at ease.

Tell me more about the Soma Breath Journey ?
Well, make sure you are in time as when he doors close thats it.
After an explanation of Soma and the technique, you will be guided to lie down comfortably, or sit up with a straight back if you prefer.
Some props like mats, pillows and blankets are available.
Then the music and your Journey starts… you will be fully guided - so let go and enjoy the flight to your inside.
This cannot be explained in words - you just need to experience it for yourself...
After the journey we will have some time to integrate and chat if desired.


- Small groups (max 10 in our Fairyland Yoga Shala).
- Journeys can also be private for your own group and tailor made. (think birthday journey or personnel outing journey)
- Contact me if you would like more info or a chat.


  Breathwork Journey

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