Raise Thy Vibe !

Day Retreat Kuranda

Last Retreat was Sunday Oct 29th 2023  -  9:00AM to 5:00 PM  @ Fairyland House in Kuranda

lifting frequencyStay tuned for the next Retreat to be announced !

Fairylandhouse is at 13 Fairyland Road in Kuranda
Parking on the right just after entering the property (with the maroon flags)
Walk down the driveway through the gorgeous tropical gardens to get to the Yoga Shala.


This day retreat is focused on boosting your mood, generating life-force and raising your vibration, activating the Soma within.
We will engage in different styles of dynamic movement, breathing techniques and meditations.
We will dive deeper into understanding our energetic field and how we can become more aware of it, how to raise our vibration, and experientally find out more about our current state of being.

For those brave enough, there will be the ice bath / CWI Cold Water Immersion experience as well.
Make friends with the cold and find out how strong and resilient you really are.
How to overcome fear and deal with (positive) stress the empowering way.
Learn about the many benefits of regular cold exposure and take your health to the next level.

We will start the day with a mix of Yoga and Qigong style warmup - always bringing much awareness to the breath, oxygenising, alkalising, energising the body.

We will be playing with synchronising both hemispheres of the brain, create heart brain coherence, use intermittent hypoxic training techniques, and using amazing brain entrainment music.

We will shake it loose and snap out of the normal, to raise up and feel really good.

We will reach deep states of meditation. 

There will be heaps of time to go deeper into the practise and experiment. 
Cold exposure via the ice bath will be the ultimate test to calm yourself all the way down and breathe !
Wim Hof likes to say: Breath is life and cold is God !
Come take yourself, via your practise, to new levels of aliveness, joy, health, energy and.. come find out !

We will have 8 hours together and the suggested donation is $100. Please pay cash.
Small group, maximum of 10. Secure your space today!

Please do read the contra indications and cancellation policy at the bottom of the page.

Retreat What to bring ?

Bring a water bottle 
Best to skip or only have a light breakfast (making sure to have an empty-ish stomach).

Clothing for easy movement is best.
Swimmers for the Ice bath experience (hot Lychee Tree shower available afterwards)
Yoga Mat (we have some available as well)
Don’t bring food, its all included

We will have raw vegan tropical fruity brunch together at around noon, we will supply smoothy / fruit / Chia seed pudding, Snacks and (herbal) tea..
We will keep it light this day, for full cleansing experience (and then you can still enjoy denser food after 5pm if you like..)




In this retreat you will

Sungee Soma Breath Session @ Kanjini Sept 2023

 --> Hang out with High Vibe people in a tropical food forest healing garden.

--> Experience the full power of your own breath!

--> SOMA Breathwork sessions, Deep Meditations,  Healing Music & Sound , Group Healing.

--> Movement: Yoga, Qigong, Hypoxic Training, Come home with a simple, powerful, rewarding daily practise that you will be excited about actually implementing in your life.

--> Ice Bath cold exposure experience and learn about the benefits.

--> Shake it loose, shift gear and come out of your your comfort zone to level up and break free.

--> Yoga Sling and inversion experience and benefits.

--> Guaranteed feeling rejuvenated with a fresh sense of motivation !

--> Learn the tools to unlock your inner pharmacy and true potential through your breath, for health, manifestation and happiness.

--> Enjoy high vibrational tropical fruit brunch and snacks

--> And More !

A bit more about me;SungeeAug2019


I was born in The Netherlands about half a century ago. I have always been looking for truth, and ways to empower and heal myself and others, to deprogram from all the lies and limiting beliefs and reprogram towards living a healthy life full of meaning and joy.

I have found that ones vibration, ones vibrational state of being is of great importance in life.

If you live in anxiety and fear you will attract more of it in your life.
And it will keep you in a dumbed down state of fight or flight.

If you live with love and joy then these higher vibrations will attract more of the same.
And you can live in a state of flow where you have access to your intuition and full potential, you just know things and life is easy.


Breathwork is a key to start mastering awareness of, and control over your vibrational state and I believe that Yoga has always been about that too, not just being stretchy on a mat.
Once on this path, everything changes !


"Circumstances don't matter - Only my state of being matters" 


I love sharing the good and important things I have found, and am excited to now be in the phase of my life to be of service, empowering others.

I have picked up a few good things on my journey, and studied many modalities; I graduaded as Advanced Soma Breath Instructor, Rapid Transformational Therapist, RTT Hypnotherapist, The Work of Byron Katie, Reiki III, Quantum Touch and hold a Permaculture PDC . Ongoing, I am always learning more: Yoga, Tantra, NLP, Astrology, Nummerology, Plant Medicine, Healthy Diet / Natural Hygiene, Herbs and Power-foods and I have travelled extensively.

changeI have lived in The Netherlands, Hawaii, New Zealand and am currently in Kuranda, the tropical Far North of Queensland Australia.
I am a keen permaculture gardener, have a plant-based diet with lots of fruit, and started practising Yoga and Meditation 30 years ago.
Qigong more recently and Pranayama / Breathwork since 2019, and daily cold exposure (ice bath) more recently.

I love sharing Soma breath work with people as its having such a deep effect on me and on everyone I share it with.
I love to help people get into an uplifting, rewarding daily practise.


My body is my Temple 

My classes and retreats are unusual! They are focussed on boosting your mood and raising your vibration.

Come take yourself via your practise to new levels of energy, awareness,  joy, health and.. come find out !



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Contra Indications for Soma Breath Classes, Journeys and Retreats

- Severe/critical diseases or infectionsbreathwork anchor
- Organ failure or late-stage terminal illness
- Pregnancy
- Uncontrolled blood pressure (blood pressure that increases and decreases irregularly and even randomly)
- Cancer (Exception: your doctor gives you specific permission)
- If you have epilepsy, a pacemaker, or irregular heart beat (Exception: your doctor gives you specific permission)

Participants with any of these conditions can still participate if they feel fit to do so and your doctor gives you specific permission.
Your participation is always at your own discretion.
These participants can still do modified excersizes and the rhythmic breathing and maintain their focus on meditation and heart coherence but should be careful with breath holding.

Cancellation Policy 

Last minute cancellations (within 48 hours) will be charged in full !


Kanjini Healing Weekend Sept 2023 - Video

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