Raising Your Vibration

Vibe High !

Raising your vibration is the key !Vibe Chart


It feels really good to be vibing high, when there is joy and ease and things just flow and you are loving life.

The more you operate at the high end of the frequency states, the more attractive you become to things that also operate at those frequencies.

If you live with fear, you will attract more fear;  if you live with joy, you will attract more joy. 

Being in these higher states of enthusiasm, gratitude, joy, and love is akin to a state of flow, and when you are in flow, you are most productive, life becomes effortless, and it feels like time no longer exists..

Being in 'flow', or in 'the zone' as some say, you feel really good and connected, and have access to your intuition, you just know things.
And you feel confident to follow your first impulse and speak your truth.

A state of being is a magnetic force that draws events equal to that state of being.
Dr. Joe Dispenza

Many of the successful and most attractive people in the world do not have any spectacular unique skills or talents that separate them from the rest of the world.
They simply have high self esteem and they are very passionate about life.  This unstoppable self confidence and high level of passion creates emotions of a very potent life force!

If someone has low self esteem, or spends more time in the lower energetic frequencies, they can learn how to easily raise it during a Breathwork Meditation!

If we operate mostly in lower frequencies, we will start to lose it all. Fast. Self-esteem drops, and so does our passion for life. A downwards spiral.

In order to attract those high energetic states of peace and joy, you really must continuously keep your energetic state high. Your thoughts become things. Who you are on the inside governs who you are on the outside, and it directly affects the way you navigate life.

lifting your frequencyWhen you set intentions and visualize goals in the highest vibrational state of love and gratitude, (as in during a Soma Breath session with Sungee) your intention is programmed deep into your subconscious mind thanks to the release of hormones like dopamine and oxytocin  – key hormones for creating new neural pathways in your brain.

This is exactly why Soma Breathwork is designed to create a sense of true gratitude and to raise your mood as much as possible!

This way your Breath-work practise is a powerful form of self hypnosis, for making your mind move you towards the destination you want to go. Sungee can help you become your own therapist.

Soma Breath elevates your emotional and energetic state through rhythmic breathwork, harnessing sexual energy, and amazing music containing the latest in brain entrainment tech, all combined to create a most powerful positive transformational change.

tropical fruit

You are what you eat !

Or 'you are what you digest' as some like to say is even more accurate.
Everything you put into your system has an effect on you. And as everything has its own vibration, its only logical to expect that high vibe foods will help you raise your vibration and that low vibe junk food will pull you down. Now dont shy away thinking you are going to miss out on yum ! Not at all.. (see recipe below)
For instance did you know that raw Cacao is one of the most amazing high vibe superfoods ? Read on, you are going to love this.

High Vibration Foods:

As a general rule, the highest vibrational foods are Raw, Organic and ideally Local:
Organic fruit !!!
Organic vegetablesraw cacao
Dark leafy greens
Edible weeds like Dandelion, Chickweed, Purslane, Plantain, Nettle, Gotu Kola..
Sprouts! Sunflower, Alfalfa, Mung bean, Broccoli sprouts, etc.
Fresh Turmeric and Ginger
Raw herbs like Basil, Mint & Cilantro.
Wild berries! Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Mulberries and more.
Fresh Pressed Green Juice / Vegetable Juice
Fresh Pressed Fruit Juice - without refined sugar added
Raw Cacao - without refined sugar added
Medicinal mushrooms like Chaga and Reishi
Spirulina, Chlorella, Blue Green Algae (use in green smoothies)
Spring Water, Structured Water, (NO tap water!) more on Water later)
Probiotics (Naturally fermented Sauerkraut, Kombucha, Kefir water, Kim Chi)
Soaked and sprouted raw nuts & seeds like Buckwheat

Good food good ! But did you know that these days in the west, too much is more of a problem than not enough. Its so easy to always be munching on something. But our bodies don’t thrive when there is no time for proper digestion and cleansing.
They need to go 'empty' regularly to do well. This brings me to the next topic..

Raw Cacao Banana Smoothy

Intermittent Fasting

This must be the easiest thing I found on my journeys to have the biggest effect on health and how I feel.
And all it is, is just not eating late at night and skipping breafast really. I don’t eat before 11 AM. more often 12 PM, sometimes later if I am not yet feeling true digestive readiness. (hunger) So lets say I eat the last thing (usually some fruit) at around 9 PM and then don't have anything but water until at least 11 in the following morning. This way my digestive system has a break of 14+ hours. If you can do 16 even better!  And that does wonders !  Do some more research as there's heaps of info out there. The main idea is that by not having anything that needs digestion for 14 or so hours, the body has time to clean out. The body is either in state of digestion or in state of elimination. Most people however no longer let the body go into the state of elimination and thus many problems begin.
I do have some herbal tea often in the morning without anything added as in my mind there's no digestion needed as there are no calories. My health has taken a turn for the better since I practise intermittent fasting and I feel very fit and sharp in the mornings especially. I whole heartedly recommend it.
If you are used to eat breakfast early, I promise that it will only be a few days that your body needs to readjust and then will love it.
Also its much easier this way, fasting a little on a daily basis,  than doing a longer water (or juice) fast. So, start now!
* If you have a history of eating disorder or are very underweight then it might not be for you though, please do more research and or discuss. *
Intermittent Fasting

Throw out your TV !

little suzy cures the virus
One of the best things I did many years ago was throwing out my TV.  Just like that - gone.
And my life changed dramatically for the better. If you already did, skip this part..
Not sure if you are aware of how strong an effect Television is having on your life. Even if you say 'yes but I hardly ever watch TV, just the news so now and then.' Exactly !! - You might as well drink poison - Throw it out ! You will be so much happier, I promise. You cannot vibe high if you get programmed on a daily basis with fear porn.
If you are still having the TV on in your life, this is probaby the single most powerful and quick change you can make today. Yes at first it might feel a little 'empty'. you might even think 'but what do I do?' And then after a little time you will notice that you are doing all those things that you wanted to do for a long time. You are more creative.
You can use the internet instead to get your information, just make sure you choose wisely where to get it from. There is a big differerce in actively looking for something online and sitting in front of the TV watching whatever is on air (getting programmed with the program).
I cannot stress enough how wickedly negative mass media's influence on your life is, it is pure poison.

Inpirational videos here

"It's always the little things that make the big things happen." Jeffrey Fry

Cold exposure

You might have heard about it; how incredible cold showers are for your health and for how you feel. Or even better, a daily ice bath.
You see we humans have become so good at making sure we are comfortable that it now became our downfall. Your comfort zone - your downfall !
There is a lot to say about it and a lot of reasearch has been done. I recommend watching some Youtube videos on the subject or do some study.
There is a good video on it on my inspiration page (video 22) 
I started a daily icebath - a real cold one with ice floating in it and maaan I LOVE it. it makes me feel ALIVE. Nothing brings one in the moment like sitting in ice cold water. PRESENT. And then lay naked in the Sun after... pure BLISS.
I will elaborate on it soon...


(A friend send me this article)

In the United States, they surprisingly discovered that what cancer cells fear most is "love"!
The study found that many people are sick from a lack of "love!"

Dr. David Hawkins is a well-known physician in the United States and has treated many patients around the world.
He says that by seeing the patient he already knows the cause of the disease. He said that his patients don't talk about love, they only talk about pain, resentment, frustration, the whole package is trapped in the patient's body.
Dr. Hawkins said, "Many people get sick because they don't have love, they just have pain and frustration. People with vibrational frequencies below 200 are easy to get sick." The vibrational frequency is commonly known as the magnetic field. 

David Hawkins discovered that people who are sick usually have negative thoughts. With vibration frequency above 200, people don't get sick.
Generally, patients have a vibrational frequency below 200.
What are the thoughts that have vibrational frequencies below 200? People who like to complain, blame and hate others, the frequency is only about thirty or forty, who constantly blames others, lowers a lot of energy, so that the vibration frequency is below 200. These people easily get many different diseases.
The highest vibration index is 1000 and the lowest vibration index is 1. He said that in this world, the highest vibration frequency he saw was 700, its energy is particularly enough when these people appear, they can affect the local magnetic field .

At the Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Teresa appeared at the award ceremony. At the time, the whole atmosphere was very good, with high vibration frequency, so that the audience felt the energy of the magnetic field, which was full of beauty and moved everyone.
When a high-energy person appears, their energy makes the magnetic field of all things beautiful and peaceful, but when a person thinks a lot of negative thoughts, they not only hurt themselves, but the magnetic field around them. They have a negative influence on their surroundings.

Dr. Hawkins said that he tested millions of cases and researched different people from around the world. The answer is the same.
As long as the vibration frequency is less than 200, the person is sick. If it is higher than 200, they will not have diseases.
What are the thoughts above 200? I would like to take care of others, compassion, love, good deeds, tolerance, etc.
These are high vibrational frequencies, reaching 400 to 500.
Instead of frequencies like hate, anger, blame, resentment, jealousy, being demanding of others, selfish things, only to consider oneself, with little regard for others. These low frequency vibrations also lead to cancer, cause heart disease and other diseases. He told us that thought, from a medical point of view, is really incredible, thought has a great influence on people's health.

The power of love is truly amazing. After Japanese cellist Sean suffered from cancer, he tried to fight the disease, but felt worse and worse. He set his mind on it and decided to love all the cancer cells in his body. He regarded the intense pain of cancer as an "awakening service" with blessings and gratitude. He found it good. So he decided to love all life, including everyone, and everything. After a while,  unexpectedly all the cancer cells had disappeared. Later, he became a well-known therapist in Japan. That is the essence of life, "LOVE".

Anabela Ivana Moll - Biological Decoding - Emotional education. Translated.


I will keep on adding to this write-up with all things raising your vibration, so come back soon checking in to check it out !

More topics to follow are:
Sunlight and current energy coming from the Sun
Thoughts and believe system
Water blessings structured water etc
UNschooling  / Programming
The Pineal Gland
Yoga  / Tai Chi / Exercise
Tantra, Kundalini
Toning / humming / chanting / singing
Gardening / Mother Nature / growing a garden





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