Raising Vibration

This site is all about raising your vibration.
Everything in this Universe is energy in motion, vibrating at a certain frequency.
When you master awareness of your own vibration, and keep your vibe high, everything changes..
Your Breath is a key to this so come on in and
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Soma Breath

SOMA Energised Meditation practise will give you cardiovascular and respiratory benefits, more energy, endurance, stamina, and increased well-being. It will also bring you into deep meditative states where you can release, reset, rewire, to become stress-free, being relaxed, present and in flow.
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The Time is Now

The times - they are crazy !
Have you noticed ?
There is a war on for your mind.
We, all of us, need to awaken from our slumber and enliven up.
The energies are here for it.
Tune in, turn on and breathe.
We will raise above and beyond..
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This website is a work in progress - but hey - So are you !



Hi, my name is Sungee.

You have come to the right place; empowering, exciting information and experiences await you ! 

'Circumstances don't matter - only my state of being matters'

Everything starts with your vibrational state of being.
It is your main filter of reality, it colors everything..
It determines what you attract, how people respond to you, what reality you create.
The more you operate at the high end of the frequency vibe, the more attractive you become to things that also operate at those frequencies. Likely the things you want more of.
If you live with fear, you will attract more fear;  if you live with joy, you will attract more joy.
snowflakeAnd you are the one setting that vibration in every moment..

Let me show you how your breath is a key to all this.

I would love to breathe with you !

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" If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

Nikola Tesla

What To Expect From a Soma Breath Session?

your vibe attracts your tribe

A SOMA Breath Meditation session will bing you out of your normal state of being, into a deep state and is designed to clear negative imprints and help you break free from the past, so you can be more present and relaxed, in flow, liberated, and empowered to be the sole creator of your reality.

Rhythmic breathing hyper-oxygenates the body, bringing in more oxygen and releasing more carbon dioxide than normal. This alters the pH of the blood stream to become more alkaline and also creates a strong electromagnetic field and current to flow through the body.

This will help you raise your vibration. With a higher vibrational state, negative emotions and trauma can be cleansed from the mind and body and will bring clarity of mind making it easy to focus on what is most important in your life and to visualise and manifest without effort.

The diaphragmatic breathing technique stimulates the largest lymphatic organ in the body, creating a powerful cleansing effect and strengthening your immune system.
When you employ extended exhalation and vocal toning techniques you will tap into the power of the vagus nerve to switch off stress and connect with your subconscious mind.

Your breath and heartbeat are like a frequency of your body, when you become aware of this and learn to actively bring in coherence with your attention, awareness and intention, you start giving out a clearer signal, you start vibing in a state of flow where you feel connected and everything becomes easier, you just know things and you become a magnet for like energies, you start attracting the life of your dreams..

Your quality of thought is linked to your breath: erratic breathing leads to erratic thinking, while smooth consistent breathing leads to smooth, coherent thought.

Emit - ReceiveThe breath retention components of Soma Breath are a very exciting part of this work that will grow with you over time as you become more familiar with the practise, to become an absolute blissful reset everytime.   
The Breathless state allows you a few minutes to totally slow down and pause your life to be fully in the present moment. You enter a profound meditative state and connect to the higher mind, the deep inner part of yourself, your 'Spirit Guides' and/or 'Source' or however you call it in your world.

Using the power of affirmations, guided mental imagery techniques, and ( self ) hypnosis you can reprogram your subconscious operating system and even influence your autonomic nervous system. This state is a frequency state akin to the hypnosis brainwave state where the subconcious mind is wide open to programming.

Powerful emotional releases can occur during SOMA Breath sessions and negative imprints from the past can be cleared.
“Divine downloads” or moments of deep insight and inspiration makes the SOMA Breath experience truly unforgettable.

A session is usually around 1.5 hours and can either be in person, or via the internet using Skype or Zoom. In person is best!
Soma Breathwork breath-work sessions now in Cairns, Kuranda and Port Douglas.


what if

" Circumstances don't matter  -  Only my state of being matters "  -  Bashar


" Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world." ― Ramana Maharshi

Reprogram your Mind - Bruce Lipton